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If you wish and able to support St. Petersburg winter swimming financially you can easily do that with a “purchase” of any amount of this virtual product. Your payment will be accounted as your voluntary contribution to support the charter goals of St. Petersburg Winter Swimming Federation which are listed in our official Charter doc (the copies in Russian language though). We will use the raised funds to organise winter swimming events like the Big Neva Cup and “Ledostav / Freezing Over” festival, to purchase equipment needed for the floating ice pool. The climate in St. Petersburg features sudden changes in temperature. For six-seven months in a year we have ice on the roads and lakes. So winter swimming should be a natural thing for every Russian. However most of the time the ice here is not as strong and stable as in Sibera. That is why a good floating pontoon perimeter is vital here in St. Petersburg for running events on a regular basis regardless of the thickness of ice on the rivers.
As a token of appreciation, we promise to print you name, as a sponsor of the Federation, on the press wall banner of the Big Neva Cup 🙂

100 rubles is equal roughly to 1.28 EUR or 1.47 USD, for the end of 2018.


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