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Those of you who are experienced participants of winter swimming events already know that an afterparty (gala dinner) is a valuable component in strengthening friendship between winter swimmers of the whole world. It’s a special fun: having spent a whole day out on a frosty open air, having swum in full in the ice cold water, having met new swim buddies who also were a bit nervous waiting for the heat start, finally to get the old and new friends together in a warm place, to have dinner together, to relax and to dance enough like do only those who know what is a real cold!

The official Big Neva Cup afterparty will be held in Sport-bar’84 of Original Sokos Olympia Garden hotel on February 29, 2020, by the end of the first competition day and award ceremony. We plan to start the party at 19:30, if not delayed by the unpredictable St. Petersburg weather.The bar occupies nearly a half of the first floor of Original Sokos Hotel Olympia Garden. Despite the scale, with the help of Finnish hockey team fans (Leijonafanit) it became a real place to be: a natural wood, comfortable chairs, carpets on a floor, soft light of floor lamps, HD plasma screens all over the place. They are installed in a way that broadcasting is visible from any place of the bar. Why don’t you share your videos on what’s cool going on in winter swimming in your country or town?

A gorgeous buffet dinner from the hotel’s European cuisine restaurant is included in the price. Among the buffet offerings are dishes like tuna riet, olive tapenad, marinated mushrooms, soup, main course by your choice, fruits and desserts, tea and non-alcoholic drinks. Beer, wine and liquors can be purchased from the bar (not included). Live music will make the dinner special.

The number of tickets is VERY limited. The ticket can be purchased until February 23, 2020 and won’t be available after this date.