Why create an account?

Why would I need another account? Why can't I just sign up to your event without all these logins and passwords?

By creating an account, you consent to the processing and storage of personal data. Your account is activated after you confirmed your email address.

Then why should I fill up a swimmer's profile?

I already registered as a user of this web site.

Of course, you can be both a swimmer and a user of this web site. More precisely, you act as a swimmer's manager or even as a whole team's manager under your account. You can register to our events yourself, your family and friends. You won't have to re-enter their data every time. You are a paying customer for us after all.

You have a whole list of swimmers there

Can register any of them?

You can view information about all swimmers, exactly the info that falls into the start protocols. Although we encourage you to add photos so swimmers would recognize each other in competitions. However, you can edit information and register for events only those swimmers whose profile was created under your account.

Will the swimmer's profile stay bound to my account forwever?

What if my friend-swimmer, whom I registered, then decides to manage his profile by his own?

Your friend would create his/her user account and contact the web site administrator about binding his swimmer profile to his own account.

IWSA ID what for?

Why should I get just another code associated with my name?

IWSA ID serves as an international identifier for winter swimmers. The Register of Winter Swimmers is managed by IWSA – International Winter Swimming Association. IWSA ID is formed on the basis of your first name, last name, date of birth and gender. It's unique. It is used in start protocols, scoring World Cup points. It will be easy to summarize by IWSA ID the results of a swimmer who performed at different competitions in different cities and countries.

Those marketing tricks with the registration packages!

What if I want to swim two or four distances? Can't I just pay per distance?

The reality is that our events are funded with the start fees. Unfortunately, we do not have a team of accountants to manage a complex book keeping. Therefore, we offer you a simple choice of three options. You have three options to swim two distances: 1) Choose two packages of one distance each, “It's Cold After All!” 2) Choose the package “Not Cold At All!” and swim only two distances. What if you later decided to swim one more distance? You would let us know before the registration ends and we'd then added it to your registered distance list. 3) Choose “NO FROST unlim” and don't limit yourself even with your right to skip any distance from this package. After all, your contribute to good!

How shall I pay?

Can I pay on the day of the competition?

We use Yandex as the payment gateway, they offer a variety of payment options, both online and offline through bank transfers and cash payment terminals. Unfortunately you can't pay on the day of the competition. Payment must be completed before the registration is closed.