Aleksei SHUM

Санкт-Петербург, Россия
Source:  Алексей Шум

The Swimmer's Performance Stats
25m Freestyle
2019-11-02Jelgavas Roni Kauss 201900:13.02A2
2019-03-28Petrozavodsk World Cup V stage00:13.46A2
2019-03-03St. Petersburg Big Neva Cup - 2019 - on the river00:13.40A2
25m Butterfly
2019-11-02Jelgavas Roni Kauss 201900:14.80A2
2019-03-28Petrozavodsk World Cup V stage00:14.47A2
2018-11-06Jelgavas Roni Kauss 201800:15.32A2
2018-03-04WSWC2018 Tallinn00:21.12A2
25m Breaststroke
2018-11-06Jelgavas Roni Kauss 201800:17.89A2
50m Freestyle
2019-11-01Jelgavas Roni Kauss 201900:28.29A2
2019-03-29Petrozavodsk World Cup V stage00:29.41A2
2018-11-06Jelgavas Roni Kauss 201800:29.22A2
2018-03-04WSWC2018 Tallinn00:30.58A2
50m Breaststroke
2019-03-30Petrozavodsk World Cup V stage00:39.46A2
2018-11-06Jelgavas Roni Kauss 201800:41.32A2
100m Freestyle
2019-11-01Jelgavas Roni Kauss 201901:03.11A2

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